About Croatia

Croatia is located on the north-eastern shore of the Adriatic Sea, bordered by Slovenia and Hungary to the North, and Bosnia-Herzegovina to the South and East. The republic is twice the size of Belgium and swings around like a boomerang from the Pannonian plains of Slavonia, across hilly central Croatia to the Istrian Peninsula and the rugged Adriatic Coast. The southernmost portion of Croatia’s Adriatic Coast, including the town of Dubrovnik, is separated from the rest of the country by a knuckle of Bosnia-Hercegovina.


Croatia’s main tourist attraction has always been its beaches. The country has 1778km of coastline – 5835km if you count the islands. Most of the beaches, however, are pebble rather than sand, due to the low tidal swell – but this helps keep the water crystal clear. The country’s offshore islands are as beautiful as those in Greece. There are 1185 of them, 66 of which are inhabited.

Croatia has seven excellent national parks. Brijuni, near Pula, is the most carefully cultivated, with well-preserved Mediterranean holm oak forests. Mountainous Risnjak National Park is home to lynx, while the dense forests of Paklenica National Park harbour insects, reptiles and birds, including the endangered griffon vulture. At Plitvice Lakes National Park you’ll find bears, wolves and deer.

The climate varies from Mediterranean along the Adriatic coast to continental inland. The sunny coastal areas have hot, dry summers and mild, rainy winters. The high coastal mountains help to shield the coast from cold northerly winds, making for an early Spring and a late Autumn. In Split, average daily high temperatures peak at 35°C in July and drop to around 6°C in January.

If you want to know more about Croatia, click here.


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