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Restaurant Review – Gradska Kavana, Split

November 23, 2009

OK – something a little different this time – instead of a recommendation, I’m adding this as a warning. Gradska Kavana, in the very centre of Split, is probably one of the worst places to eat in the whole city. I’ve been there a few times, unfortunately, but always as a result of having to meet someone who had already decided to eat there. The last visit, which I will stress is the very LAST visit I will make to the place, was bad enough that I feel compelled to write this. Having been called up by a friend, who asked me to join him there, I went along and ordered a lasagne for myself. My friend ordered a steak and fried potatoes.

My lasagne arrived in a clay dish, which I actually had to tip to the side to empty all the excess water out of. After trying a few mouthfuls (and crunching through the tasteless, only partly cooked pasta sheets) I decided to leave the rest. My friend had a few bites of his hardly cooked, very ill looking piece of meat, and ate just a few of the nasty frozen french fries and frozen veg that accompanied it. When the waiter came to collect the plates, he asked was everything ok. Now normally, even if I don’t like something, I’ll just make some excuse and say it was all fine so as not to insult the chef. But this time I felt I really needed to say something. I said “No, not really” – to which he just shrugged his shoulders and walked off! As an extra show of my displeasure, I actually waited for the 4kn change and took it with me. So, anyone thinking of stopping by there for a bite to eat, please do yourselves a favour and go elsewhere!


Restaurant Review – The Black Cat, Split

July 12, 2007

Black Cat

The Black Cat is located just a short walk from the main market at the corner of the old town. Start to follow ‘Kralja Zvonimira’ as if you were leaving Split, and after the first set of traffic lights take a right and follow the road around. About half way up you’ll see the outdoor seating area of The Black Cat.

Black Cat Location

After repeated visits to this restaurant, it certainly seems that the outdoor area is where it’s at. And probably the first thing you’ll notice is the foreign accents – this place really does seem to be a favourite with tourists. And it’s no wonder – it’s the only place in Split where you can get ‘international food’. As in, not pasta, pizza or fish. Which is pretty much all you’ll get in the majority of restaurants in Split.

A quick look at the menu lets  you know that you’re in for a treat. There’s some wonderful salads to be had – and not just your traditional mixed Croatian salad. Lots of Spanish and Mexican influences. There’s also some Fajitas, Quesadillas, Curry, BLT’s – a real mish-mash of cultures and cuisines – but the biggest plus is the price. You can easily have a dinner for 2, with a big beer each for under 100kn. 

The waiting staff are always friendly, and speak good English, and the food never takes too long to arrive. Not that you really mind, as there’s something very special about the atmosphere sitting there amongst the flowers – very relaxing.

So all in all, a very nice place to dine – I actually now a lot of people who have visited Split and eaten in the Black Cat every night, so that’s got to be saying something!

Call them on 021 490 284 for more info/directions. Open til 12 pm.